About Us

Whether your development needs are residential, commercial, municipal or industrial, D&R Earthmoving, LLC. is the contractor you can depend on to complete your project in a professional manner from start to finish. From large scale development projects to restoration and erosion control sites, our team of Estimators, Operators and Managers possess years of knowledge to insure the work is done correctly, safely, and efficiently. Our outstanding reputation as a highly credible contractor throughout the industry began on the solid foundation of hardworking values. These same values we extend to our customers, sub-contractors, and suppliers. If your project is located anywhere within the State of Michigan, we are the contractor for you!

Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Landfill, Wetlands, Environmental and Industrial Development


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Project Delivery Philosophy

We believe excellence in project delivery is achieved through daily communication between your team and the Project Manager. D&R Earthmoving, LLC utilizes electronic project management tools to automate all aspects of the construction project from pre-construction to close out. Prolog Manager delivers in-depth electronic tools in the areas of collaboration, purchasing management, cost control, document management and field administration; while Primavera is used for all scheduling.

Our commitment to ensure successful project completion is facilitated by conducting onsite weekly foreman meetings with our subcontractors to review safety, coordination and progress. In addition, our project team will hold job progress/scheduling meetings with our subcontractors to discuss contract deliverables and job progress. By conducting frequent and focused meetings conflicts that may arise will be openly discussed and resolved.

Our team’s prosecution of the work will be amplified by self performing a large portion of the scope of work. Site demolition, Clearing & Grubbing, SESC, Earthwork (Land Balancing, Fine Grading), Utility installation (Storm Sewer, Sanitary Sewer, Foundation Excavation and Backfill, and Watermain), Place Aggregate Base, and total site development, can all be self-performed by D&R Earthmoving, LLC personnel. Self performing such a large portion of work will aid in driving all critical path activities on the schedule.


D&R Earthmoving, LLC is committed to safety. As such, we will produce a Site Specific Safety Plan. We will address issues regarding emergency response, traffic flow, utility work, and site cleanliness. Currently D&R Earthmoving, LLC has an EMR rating of .65 for 2021.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control

D&R Earthmoving, LLC’s project specific Quality Control Plan will address the issues that are unique to the project. Along with specific plans developed with the Testing Firm, we will develop specific procedures with the owner or general contractor in order to ensure correct initial locations as well as verification of work as it progresses. As the grading and earthwork progresses, we will implement processes that will ensure proper layout and testing of road stone base along with asphalt and concrete pavement and sidewalks. D&R Earthmoving, LLC’s commitment to quality is expressed in all parts of our organization as we strive for zero defects, and is a commitment we will pursue vigorously.

Commitment to excellence in our field operations along with our solid financial foundation, D&R Earthmoving can provide their customers and clients with an ease of mind knowing that we will see the project through to completion.  Our respectable bonding capacity represents the stability of the company.  Our financing is secure with our lending institution well into the future. We are an MDOT pre-qualified contractor in good standing.